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There are many ways to search for specific items on the First Veterinary Supply website. Less is always more when searching through the website. Most items can be found using just the first 3-4 letters or numbers in the search term, manufacturer number or NDC code – "SYR"; "SUT"; "MONO"; "SIMP"; "RIM"; "8881".

For a more specific inquiry, some quick and easy techniques include searching by

Some special order, branded, or hard-to-find products are only available directly from a First Veterinary Supply sales representative.

Returns Policy

  1. Certification: By returning drug product(s) you are certifying that all of the following are true:
    1. The specific drug product(s) were purchased directly from First Veterinary Supply®
    2. Drug product(s) have been stored properly at a temperature indicated on the product label and in the original packaging
    3. Drug product(s) have never been opened and drug product(s) have never been repackaged, in compliance with the Prescription Drug Marketing Act
  2. Return Credit Eligibility
    1. Returns are only accepted on purchases made directly from First Veterinary Supply® with valid DSCSA Transaction Information
    2. Returns are only accepted from the original purchaser
    3. All returns require prior authorization through First Veterinary Supply®’s Customer Service Department and the issuance of a return authorization memo
      1. Sales representatives cannot authorize return of products or pick-up merchandise
    4. Returns due to order fulfillment, courier damages, or computer errors must be reported to First Veterinary Supply within two business days of receipt and are returnable for full value at First Veterinary Supply®’s freight expense
    5. No credit will be given for:
      1. Opened or partial bottles
      2. Repackaged products or products not in their original sealed container
      3. Packages that arrive at a First Veterinary Supply® distribution center without a return authorization form
      4. Product returned that does not appear on the itemized return authorization form but appear in the return box. Such items will not be returned and will be destroyed.
      5. Product defaced with stickers, price marks, knife cuts, etc.
      6. Free goods
      7. Returned merchandise damaged in transit by the customer’s carrier
      8. HAZMAT items: all sales of HAZMAT items are considered final and non-returnable
      9. Refrigerated items, repacks, or product damaged due to improper storage and handling, fire, flood, heat, cold, water, smoke, catastrophe or bankruptcy sale, or purchased or otherwise obtained in violation of any Federal, State or local law or regulation
      10. Close-out, short-dated, clearance, unsealed vials, special orders, drop shipments, special promotions, pre-booked, purchased for export, and merchandise expressly designated as non-returnable at the time of sale, including that of certain manufacturers who do not accept returns from First Veterinary Supply®
      11. Product returned by a customer that has not made a purchase for a period of three months or longer
      12. Freight unless the return is a result of our error
  3. Issuance and Determination of Return Credit
    1. Credit issued is based on the current selling price or original invoice price, whichever is lower, adjusted for terms discounts, rebates, free goods, etc. (if applicable)
    2. Returns for First Veterinary Supply® errors, recalls, defective, or damaged product will be credited with no restocking fee
      1. A completed Product Complaint form must be included with the product(s) when returning defective merchandise. A Product Complaint form can be obtained from our Regulatory Department at 734-743-6181.
    3. In date overstock returns must be unopened, unmarked, and returned within 30 days from date of invoice to receive full credit with no restocking fee
      1. Overstock product returned after 30 days from invoice date, and with six months or greater from the expiration date marked on the product, will be have a 10% restocking fee applied
      2. Expired overstock product returned after 30 days from invoice date, and with six months or less from the expiration date marked on the product, will have a 25% restocking fee applied
    4. Product returned after expiration date marked on the product will receive zero credit and will be destroyed at no charge
    5. Credit will be issued for valid and authorized returns within 30 days of receipt by First Veterinary Supply®
    6. No deductions can be taken and no cash refunds will be provided
    7. All manufacturer vendor credit returns will be charged a 5% processing fee
    8. Any manufacturer vendor credit return less than $5.00 will not be processed
  4. Process for Requesting a Return
    1. Contact First Veterinary Supply®’s Customer Service Department at 734-743-6100 to obtain a return authorization form for any items you wish to return for credit, including recalls. To ensure proper processing, you must supply all item numbers, invoice numbers, lot and expiration date information.
    2. If the return was caused by an error generated by First Veterinary Supply®, a product defect, damage, or a recall; a return tag with prepaid shipping will be provided. Please note that prepaid tags are not eligible for Saturday pick-up.
    3. Returns not due to First Veterinary Supply®’s error may be shipped to First Veterinary Supply® by your carrier of choice. Your carrier of choice must be able to bill you directly for the shipping expense.
    4. DEA schedule class II returns will only be authorized for return within two business days of customer receipt and only when due to an error caused by First Veterinary Supply®. No overstock returns will be authorized by First Veterinary Supply® for DEA schedule II products beyond two business days for any reason.
      1. Returns for Class II narcotics require a special authorization. Credit will not be issued for any unauthorized return of a controlled substance.
    5. Requests over $1,000.00 are subject to additional review

First Veterinary Supply® reserves the right to amend this policy which supersedes all previous policies and is hereby automatically incorporated into any prior customer supply agreements or written contracts to the extent the contract authorizes change without customer consent.